When the kitchen becomes poetry

"When the kitchen becomes poetry" is the book written by Salvatore de Rinaldi with Vincenzo Trematerra and Vincenzo Russo, published by Grafica Elettronica Editore, of which the entire proceeds are allocated to the ONLUS "Opera Don Giustino".

Salvatore de Rinaldi is a chef and a master pizza chef, but above all he is Neapolitan, despite the many years spent far from Naples. His mastery and knowledge of the Neapolitan gastronomy brought together the verses of the poet Vincenzo Russo to the extraordinary photographs of Vincenzo Trematerra.

A collection of poems that narrate the delicacies of Neapolitan cuisine, with recipes and suggestions to revise different types of cuisine by adding something of the Neapolitan traditional tastes; the text is linked to photographs and theater that have made the former “La Taverna di Bacco”, now de Rinaldi, an ideal setting to enjoy good food.

A book that speaks of the three authors through their activities, but that basically speaks of all Neapolitan people, of their traditions and that suggests a way to approach the joy of food, not forgetting fundamental values such as solidarity.

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