Casa De Rinaldi - la gioia del buon cibo - La nostra storia

This is the story of a passion, as well as a restaurant, which has ancient roots that lead us at the beginning of the 80s when Salvatore de Rinaldi starts working in the family restaurant in Naples, finding particular affinity with pizza and its traditions.

In 1989 the brand "Sasà Pizza Mia" was born and over the years the culinary research has led Salvatore to be employed in several restaurants throughout Italy, which enriches his training. He is also supported by his wife Rosa, with whom he shares the project of an innovative restaurant, with a family character and with a high level of quality.

In 1995 he begins his first adventure in Valle d'Aosta in La Thuile, where Salvatore let everyone know the True Neapolitan Pizza, making the restaurant he runs an affiliate of the AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Assosiation), and then opening his restaurant-pizzeria "La Fordze" in 1998 until 2008.

The years in Valle d'Aosta have allowed Salvatore and Rosa to further expand their gastronomic culture, especially on the processing of meat and the world of craft beers.

In 2005 they decided to open "La Taverna di Bacco" in Naples and, seeing its enormous success, after a while they left the Valle d'Aosta, to manage exclusively their business in Naples.

The following are years in which Salvatore is dedicated to teaching and spreading the Neapolitan Pizza all over the world in collaboration with the AVPN, while his son Cristiano begins year after year to fall in love with his parents' business.

In 2014, "La Taverna di Bacco" is enlarged to give space to the brewery "B-Zone", a place to taste the many craft beers selected over the years and the beer produced by the owners, the "IPA ZONE" beer. In the same year the book "When the kitchen becomes poetry" edited by Salvatore de Rinaldi is published.

In 2016 the "Panino di Cristiano" is created, an innovative idea and a completely handmade burger by Cristiano de Rinaldi, who furthermore continues its consultancy experiences for pizzerias all over the world, consecrating himself as one of the best young pizza chefs for AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Assosiation).

In 2017 all the experiences of Salvatore, Rosa and Cristiano find a synthesis in "de Rinaldi" a welcoming place where they can share the "joy of good food", in the same place where it used to be "La Taverna di bacco", in Rione Alto in Naples, but with a new look that reflects the family character and, at the same time, emphasizes the careful selection of quality products, many of which have official recongiton by Slow Food organization.

de Rinaldi today offers typical Italian cuisine with homemade pasta, the true Neapolitan pizza as well as pizzas made with special dough, with wholemeal dough and high-hydration multigrain dough, self-produced sandwiches and burgers whose bread is made with a flour blend and in particular Antiqua Type 1 flour, the stone-ground flour by the Molini Bongiovanni company, fine meats worked on site and a wide selection of craft beers.

What is de Rinaldi?

de Rinaldi is Italian food, is True Neapolitan Pizza and homemade burgers, three aspects that find a common point in the high quality of the ingredients used and in the passion for cooking.

The family atmosphere created by Salvatore, Rosa and their son Cristiano matches their haute cuisine that maintains the simplicity of the past and the flavors of tradition.

Meat processing, homemade pasta, self-produced burgers and sandwiches make de Rinaldi a place to rediscover authentic and genuine flavors, thanks to the quality of the ingredients, selected among the best excellences in the country and the products indicated by Slow Food organization.

The restaurant therefore rediscovers the values of the past, dedicating care and attention to the dishes proposed, far beyond the empty gourmet aesthetic. It could not have been otherwise, given the long experience of Salvatore (Sasà) from a family of restaurateurs and Rosa, with whom he began this adventure in 1989, shaping of their vision of a simple but high, ethical, traditional, innovative restaurant.

"The joy of good food" by de Rinaldi is based on the Italian culinary tradition, but the real specialty is the True Neapolitan Pizza. In fact, Salvatore is a teacher for the AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) with which he tours in Italy and around the world to spread and protect this product, but his first and best pupil was his son Cristiano, who since childhood has followed in the footsteps of his father and today he is one of the youngest teachers for the AVPN, required for consultancy all over the world.

However, the traditional pizza leaves room for innovation and research, thanks also to the collaboration with the Molini BonGiovanni Company, Salvatore and Cristiano, experiment with special dough with wholemeal flours, 9 cereals and stone-ground flours.

The wood-burning oven is the engine of de Rinaldi, fresh bread comes out from it every day, than it is served at the tables or used for pizzas, all under the gaze of children and adults who can admire the work of the pizza maker and the his spells.
A 100% artisan burger, thanks to its magnificent bread, selected ingredients and fine meats directly worked by the restaurateurs.

The great culinary offer is strongly supported by the wine cellar, but above all by the wide selection of craft beers that have been searched all over the country and tasted personally to find the perfect match with the proposed dishes.
Not to be missed is the IPA ZONE beer, created by Cristiano and already winner of some prizes including the "Italian Beerfirm Championship 2014".

Casa de Rinaldi - La gioia del buon cibo
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