Panino by Cristiano

After two years of study and so many tries of dough, in April 2016 Cristiano presents the project of his burger.

The right formula was found by Cristiano de Rinaldi, who realized his dream of finding the right balance for a 100% handmade Bun!

Inside, the best selections of meat cooked on site and hand-crafted vegetables with ingredients indicated by Slow Food organization, here is the Panino by Cristiano, an explosion of taste for intelligent and wise palates.

Burgers and sandwiches made entirely in de Rinaldi, that also offers different kinds of hamburger and you call it if you want, gourmet!

High quality burgers and sandwiches from a long gastronomic research and made almost perfect by the many proposed combinations. In addition to the "IPA Zone" craft beer, created by Cristiano, there is a wide selection of the best craft beers personally selected by de Rinaldi.

The special characteristics of the Panino by Cristiano dough:

  • American-style bun home-crafted
  • leavening at 24h
  • dough made with sourdough yeast
  • dough made with a flours’ blend and in particular Antiqua Type 1 flour, the stone-ground flour by the "Molini Bongiovanni" company.
Casa de Rinaldi - La gioia del buon cibo
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